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Kim PerezKim Perez,
(Huntsville) Alabama

After facing a fracture on my left hand just by sleeping from stairs doctor said it is nothing but your weight that get you fractured. I was shocked and asked him how, he replied you are more than 37 pounds than your assumed body weight and for that reason when you slept from the stair your hand could not handle the weight and got fractured.

He suggested me with the low calorie diet along with some medication once I am back from this fracture case. When I asked why medications, then he said it will help you lose fat faster and suggested Phen375 and for a week I was like going normal, but when this medication came into action I started losing good and feeling light. Now it’s been 40 days around after starting my weight loss plan, Phen375 is something that made my plans come true in half time. Feeling lighter after losing 28 pounds in just 40 days, it needs damn hard try man..

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Timothy Torres

Timothy Torres,
(Rockford) Illinois

After trying varieties of diets and fat loss solutions I was really frustrated and decided to stop thinking about weight loss. But on another day when I met my friend Michale he asked to give a shot for Phen375 for the last time. At the beginning I though it is like other products, but slowly, slowly it started taking off fats from my body and I almost lost 13 pounds in around 30-40 days. Thanks Phen375 and Michale to suggest this to me.