Over weight Reasons

Many people feel shattered about their sudden gain in weight and body configuration getting deformed. Many of them start to behave crazily with doing of physical exercises, while others go to consult physical experts and somebody started taking body gaining supplements unknowingly. Let us put an ear to what WHO says.

It confirms that the tendency of gaining weight is mainly attributed to energy imbalance. The imbalance is between the calories consumed and spent. There are a number of minute essences that causes a gain in weight as may be exemplified with too much workload to giving birth of a child.

A Brief Pondering over the Probable Reasons of such Gain in Weight

1) Body Configuration: The configuration of a body seems to play a vital role in gaining weight. Persons with mesomorphic body type tend to accumulate fat at a higher rate, but the fat releases at an equal pace. But, persons with endo-morphic configuration accumulate fat faster but the release needs hard work.

2) Depressive Mind: Depression is a mental state that brings up fatigue. And, during such fatigued state, persons tend to gain weight. The most tragic part is that if go for an anti-depressant, that therapy or medication will also cause over-weight. Psychiatrists suggest a methodical working out to resolve this problem.

3) Stress Factor: Stresses are mainly due when you become submissive to a certain underdeveloped situation that brings out monotony. Such a mental affair make outburst of Cortisol hormone. This hormone causes appetite. And, untimed appetite makes us formidable with unwanted and fat-building junk and comfort foods instead of healthy intake.

4) Imbalance in Thyroid: Thyroid has an important role in growth and metabolism. Three main hormones are produced by Thyroid – T3, T4, and calcitonin. The T3 and T4 are actual thyroid hormones. When produced less, hypothyroidism creeps in. This is a disease characterized by weight gain as the rate of metabolism goes down.

5) Choices of food: Most of the junk foods taste good. But, such type of foods contains lesser Sodium, Trans fats – harmful for health, artificial food colors and higher carbs. These foods are fundamental roots for overweight as they develop heart disease, diabetes, and even cancer. Eating of processed food every day is one of the main hues of overweight.

6) Inactivity: Advancement of technology has made us work-shy. We prefer to sit on the couch, divan or bed rather than doing strenuous works that help us in burning calories. Thus, fats accumulate by the side of our bodies and spread over the entire body. We get overweight and might be prey to lifestyle diseases.

7) Medication: We sometimes intake medicines like Vitamin nutrients and many others with side effects. One of those side effects is a gain in weight. We find medications for treating depression, migraine, steroids, allergy, Type II Diabetes, blood pressure, birth control etc. All of these can cause rapid weight gain.

8) Menopause in Women: It brings down the level of estrogen. Thus, the metabolic rate also gets slower. It affects the intake of starch and sugar coats as energy constituents. Thus, starch and sugars are accumulated and increase the tummy means an unwanted rise in weight level.

9) Problems in Digestion: It is said when guts are cleared, fats are also cleared. Persons suffering from guts problem actually held back innumerable diseases. This problem can be caused by consumption of unhygienic food, overeat, not consuming enough water, high alcohol consumption or an inborn lack of good gut bacteria. Light and nutritious food consumption can get a cure of this.

10) Pregnancy: Women tend to undergo a lot of physical and hormonal changes during pregnancy. These can hardly be controlled. Besides, during pregnancy, women are advised to intake as much as they can because they are supposed to intake for two! At the third and ultimate trimester, women are prone to gain additional weight. Breastfeeding might be a solution but not for all. The sudden gain of enormous weight may cause complications in the pregnancy period too. And, the additional weight hardly is seen to have discarded after the child is born.

Reasons that make us Over-weight