By continuing with the series of articles, here we can conclude that we covered in the first 3 articles. So far we have got the idea about the importance of nutrition or diet in our life and making it more productive in terms of weight loss goals by balancing the diet with the workout. In order to check our previous article, you can visit our site –

In today’s article, we are going cover why it is so important to stick with your diet and workout plan. This is one of the important phases when we start our diet.

Let’s Burn The Myth # Just with intense work out we can achieve good weight loss, totally wrong. Many people experience 2-3 pound drop when they start a workout and they think that only workout is enough to get them down on the weighing machine. The weight loss you experience in first two weeks is mostly a water weight, which is dropped because the body removes excess water at the beginning.

Generally, we start our diet and workout in first two-week body loses some weight faster because it is the adaptation time for the body, where it starts repairing actions and for that purpose, the body loses some fats and excess water (water weight). But as time goes body experience stagnancy because there are only fats are left to burn no water is needed to be wiped out in such phase people think their diet is not working and they quit. In this case, it is important to stick with your plan because once you come out of that stagnancy again you can experience weight loss up to 3 pounds per week.

Cheat diet is another thing which is actually misinterpreted by many people, especially by beginners. Some people start cheating on their diet as they see a drop of 6-7 pound, which is considered to be the biggest achievement and people keep on cheating with their diet and plan. Cheat diet is consumed in order to refill the body with essential ingredients like minerals, vitamins because when you concentrated on some specific food body experience deficiency with other things. In this phase, people frequently take cheat diets, which is discontinuing them from their plan. One has to be very cautious when it comes to cheating your diet.

Alcohol is another thing that makes you out of your diet plan though alcohol does not fill you with fat, it has empty calories which have no nutrition. If one keeps on drinking frequently body gets many empty calories and unable to find the way to burn them and ultimately that is stored in the form of fat. You must discontinue alcohol as it delays your weight loss goal and you cannot stick with your diet and workout. Either quit alcohol or limit the consumption and try not to exceed that limit.

Let’s brief this article with one liner.

1)      Don’t quit your diet and plan just because you see no improvement for some time.

2)      Make a good use of your cheat Diet in order to stick with the plan.

3)      Consume alcohol for fun, don’t make it as an addiction.

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