Our approach toward weight loss goals and getting a right body should be so positive that any tempting food coming in your dish should not break your conviction toward the goal. Most of the people make this mistake and keep cheating with their diet and goal. When you work out regularly, it always accelerates your performance, but eating such kind of cheat meals always juggles with the balance of fat burning process started in the body. If we are burning enough, then our body needs to be replenished with the healthy food in order to get faster recovery.

Let’s Burn The Myth # By cutting down fat intake will help you achieve your weight loss goal. (You need to balance all 3 macros instead of reducing one which will lead to failure in your goal)

One has to understand how the body reacts to your step by step weight loss actions. Most of the people think if we want to burn the fats it can be easily achieved by cutting it down. Of course, it is one of the best steps to reduce your fat intake but unless you control your entire food intake, it is not going to happen. Such people always tend their concentration toward Carb based food as their hunger is not in their control. Eating Carbs in excess again leads to weight gain as the body converts excess Carbs to fats and store it for further use.

How to Balance Your Food According to Workout?

1)  First fix your work our plan, always remember the calorie meter seen on the equipment are not accurate so always try to estimate total calories burnt after your workout.

2)  Be consistent with your workouts as it helps you burn body fats consistently even after your workout.

3)  Don’t try to be a superman and stop eating all the fats because some sort of fats, which are called good fats are essential to our body.

4) Calculate your BMI with the help of online tools such as – http://www.nhlbi.nih.gov/health/educational/lose_wt/BMI/bmicalc.htm (It will help you understand current physical condition of your body)

5)  Calculate your daily calorie intake limit using – http://www.calculator.net/calorie-calculator.html

6)  Now it is the time where you should plan for a balanced diet, which includes maximum protein and a moderate amount of carbohydrates and fats.

7)  If you are taking medicine like Phen375 then it helps you burn more fats by improving body process such as metabolism and controlling your hunger.

8)  Cutting down your intake for a month or two and achieving faster weight loss is not an ideal deal. Because as soon as you stop your diet your body starts gaining weight. Going slower with a deficit of 300-400 calories per day, which is because of calories burnt in workout helps you maintain your weight for a long time and also gives you a balanced life.

For every person, there will be a different experience, but the bottom line is same whenever you have balance in anything it becomes a long time success.

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