Weight loss is nothing but the nightmare for many while the dream of some, but their approach makes the difference. Many people start working out they involved with pure dedication, but still, more of them find it weird that they are not losing more and why they are failing to lose more pounds? If you are having a trainer with you to help you in training sessions, then you might hear that weight loss cannot be achieved with workouts only, it totally depends on your diet. Along with there are many such questions people come across during their weight loss journey.

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1)      I take protein after a workout, but still, I am not losing – Taking a protein shake after a workout helps you fasten your recovery process and it does not help you to burn more fats directly. People are confused because they are not aware of the food that they eat. One should continue over good diet throughout the day in order to burn more and more fats and then only they can lose weight.

2)      I cut my diet in half, but still, no pounds lost – This is one of the commonly observed things because people think if they stop eating they will lose weight. Start taking diet until you fill your body up to 80% of your calorie need. Our body requires some fixed amount of calories from all the macro elements, i.e. Carb, Protein, and Fat. If you do not provide body will experience the starvation mode and you will not experience anymore weight loss.

3)      I eat all healthy food, but still, I am not losing – If you sit to hear complaints about weight loss, you can easily create a series of the documentary because people are so varied with their thought that everybody tries something new. Most of the people choose to eat healthy food, but they forget even such healthy food also has calories and in taking that with high quantity may result in weight gain.

4)      I am on an intense Cardio workout, but still, no fat loss – Every type of the workout has its own benefit and some cons too. Cardio is good for your enduring system, but it has to be in limit if you are doing it for fat loss. Cardio is good for weight loss if it is done once or twice in a week with medium or low intensity and it has to be mixed with some weight training in order to lose some pounds.

Some Questions About Weight Loss – Why I am not Losing?