Listen To Your Body

The human body, a great mechanism that has been offered to humans and we just screw it up. Our habits and routine end up making our bodies into visceral fat storing machine. Nobody bothers to think why it happens because blaming our eating quantity and habits is the only option we think. Then we keep striving our stomach and dream about having a lean body and healthy lifestyle again.

Is it possible that could easily be happening just by cutting your food amount or quantity, the answer is no? Why is it so because most of the people follow various diets, always looks tired, unhappy and they seem to be lost charm on their face. Many people wonder that they successfully burnt all the body fats and still they do not feel happy what is the reason behind it?

The reason is quite logical that we do not listen to our body because our body itself is the best indicator that could be the best over any other dietician in the world. Most of the listen to their dietician but they don’t listen to their body. Dieticians use the same types of diet to every client and that is not an ideal solution as every human body behaves differently.

Looking tired or unhappy after losing weight is the result of not listening to our body and again looking tired and unhappy is an indication given by the body.

We cut down food it is totally true that we cut down all calories that are going extra but along with that, we cut all the nutrition and essential elements which are required to body for daily functioning. Majorly people who cut down fat intake find it difficult to work properly or they find their thinking ability is going down. Because fat is one of the most important factors required for brain functioning.

What to do then?

You must understand your meal quantity because this is the thing that makes us fat because we don’t understand how much food is required at a time. Instead of eating big meals cut them down into smaller portions and eat them after a specific interval.

Along with portion control, you must stress your body with exercise regularly, you are not required to be a hardcore professional just work out 4 days is enough. It helps you keep your metabolism at an active level and your body burns more fats.

Listen To Your Body