Good Bad Food

There are many aspects of weight gain and for every individual scenario is something different than other. If you look around you will get to observe that people having good food also gained weight while people having bad food are maintaining their weight balance. How is it possible? This is the question comes to mind. It is quite natural and logical because how could our body leads to obesity if anyone eating high-quality food. To understand this fact, we first have to overlook on the types of food mentioned i.e. Good & Bad.

Bad Food – It is commonly known as processed food which totally high in sugar, cholesterol, and simple carbohydrates. Such types of food do nothing else than to shoot up your insulin level. Because of high insulin level body experience virtual cravings and that results into hunger. Thus, when you, eat such kinds of food like chips, burgers, cold drink you eat more than your intake. Such types of food contain saturated fats & Trans fats that do nothing else than to get stored in the body in the form of fat. This is the reason such food is called as bad and we should avoid them or control intake.

Good Food – Such food comes with natural sources such as vegetables, fruits, and grains which are genuine carbohydrates. When you eat fruit your body receives fructose, which is also a type of sugar, but it does not spike insulin and most of the fruits and vegetables are high in fibers which make you satisfied and full. By eating such food you’re providing exactly the same food that your body wants to have.

What actually goes wrong that we find fat people consuming all good food or bad food. The reason is simple and that is nothing but the limit.

Though it is a good food or bad food it contains calories and every individual has its basic metabolic rate and if you are consuming more calories than it will be stored as fats. Whether you are eating natural food or processed food you must have control over intake.

Ultimately body will not consider that food is consumed is healthy or unhealthy, because it will burn as per the requirement and the rest will be stored for future use. Thus, many people having a good diet since a long time develop more fats than a person eating junk food all the time but his quantity is limited.

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Good Food & Bad Food