Weight Loss Goal

When we think about the weight loss, one thing that comes in our mind which is nothing but running on a treadmill, using an elliptical machine and performing cardio every day. Yes, Cardio, an exercise which takes major contribution when you decide to lose weight. Cardio helps you burn more calories, which helps you create more calorie deficit and but if you really want to lose weight is cardio will be enough. The answer is “No” because cardio helps you burn more calories ultimately you burn more fats for energy, but it does not add anything to your body. Our body should contain more lean muscles which help to keep strong and also muscle building process requires more energy.

Weight training helps you build lean muscles and you must make a combination of both Cardio and weight training so that you will develop more muscles while burning more fats.

Benefits of Weight Training

Weight training helps you burn more calories When we start lifting weights it breaks down our muscles and then with the help of T-Level and protein (BCAA) muscles get recovered and more muscles are developed over the period of time.

Fats are developed around each body part and when you start weight training and when muscles recover happens more movements are experiencing which burns fats faster.

Considering calorie burning ratio one can burn more calories with weight training. But when it comes to cardio one can only burn calories till the time he is pumping.  Entire calories burning process requires more time, which continues to 36 hours after the workout and thus, one keeps on burning more calories until muscles are fully recovered.

When you perform cardio specific body parts are utilized but when you start weight training it helps you train each and every muscle. It helps you improve strength evenly across the body.

Fitness and beauty are the purposes behind burning more fats and getting thin. When you develop more lean muscles our body looks attractive and it not only increases our confidence but also gives more push to physical strength.

Fasten Your Weight Loss Goal